Script Editors

We shall be using an editor in order to write our html, CSS and php scripts. You will learn how to write scripts in these languages in the tutorials later but for now we offer a selection of editors for you to chose between. These have been carefully selected in order to appeal to a wide range of preferences and styles.

If you prefer GUI type interfaces of the WYSIWYG kind then we have two of the best html editors available. The first is Nvu. Nvu is a fully featured and comprehensive IDE for the development of all kinds of web applications. Because of its range of features it has a slightly steeper learning curve so you may prefer a more simple approach. Though no less powerful Amaya (developed by W3C) is an integrated browser/editor with a simple and intuitive interface.

Our second two editors are full GUI interfaces but emphasise the text editing aspect of web development as opposed to the WYSIWYG approach of the first two. Alleycode HTML Editor is a simple but well featured editor. It has full syntax highlighting for html, css and php.

Finally for the serious developer we have the heavyweight of edtors, the excellent PHP Designer 2007. Don't be mislead by the title, PHP designer can aslo be used to edit html, css, javascript, SQL, xml and many more scripting languages. It has a polished and very professional interface and we highly reccomend it's use as your editor of choice.

Each of these editors comes with comprehensive instructions on how to get started. If you are completely new to using editors think of them as simply specialist word processors for writing computer scripts.

Now that you have installed an editor it's time to look at some of the web applications we have packaged for you.