Setting up a Development Server

A fully functional development server consists of a web server together with a scripting language and database server. We will be installing what is known as a WAMP (Windows - Apache - MySQL - PHP) development server. Windows is the operatin system, Apache the web server, MySQL the database and PHP the scripting language. This powerful combination is the most widespread web server technology in use today and accounts for the majority of fully featured enterprise level web hosting systems.

Webdeveloper+ offers two methods for installing your web server componants. The first lets you install each componant seperately, the second is an integrated package.

If you want to really learn how the seperate componants fit together we reccomend the first method. If however you want to be up and running fast with a foolproof system then the second 'XAMPP' installation might be more to your liking.

Method One.

Method Two.

Whichever method you chose you should now have a fully functional, dynamic web server to develop your websites on. So, it's time to look at editors.