To become fully skilled as a web developer there are many technologies and accompanying scripting languages to master. At the very least you will need to master four. These are HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL. Each of these four technologies fulfils a key role in developing dynamic web applications. They are if you like the four corner stones of web development. Other technologies such as javascript and XML can be useful but it is these four that we shall concentrate on.

HTML or HyperText Markup Language is used to design the structural elements of your web pages. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets provides the look. PHP provides the logic that drives your site and interfaces with the database. And, SQL or Structured Query Language is the language of the database itself.

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And finally, once you have developed your site you will probably want the world to see it. Although it is perfectly possible and simple to turn your development server into a fully accessable web server we don't recommend this approach. One, you'll find that your normal domestic bandwidth isn't up to the task and two, you'll lay yourself open to all manner of security attacks.

Instead we recommend that you subscribe to a cheap and effective professional host such as www.eboracom.co.uk In order to transfer the files for your website to your new web host you'll require a good ftp client. We reccomend the excellent FTP Commander which should provide all the ftp functionality you will need.