Dont's And Dos On Building Up Your Home Page.

by: IFOR2005

Yes, you've seen a lot of websites in your lifetime. So you probably think you can make a nice homepage, but the truth is you really don't business website home pages today suffer from lack of vision and clarity. They all think this is what a business website home page should be when in fact they are putting down their company slowly smearing their reputations.

Here are a list of Don'ts when building up your Home Page

Don't place lengthy descriptions or your company's profile in the home page. This will bore your people to death. Company descriptions should be placed in the About Us page. Don't Place your products on the home page.

This is a big no no. Products should be placed in a special products/services page. Placing products on the home page would seem rude to some visitors as well. This will also become a problem once you would have too many products to offer. An overcrowded home page loaded with graphics would not just seem unprofessional but would make the loading time of a web page increase.

Do not place the entire content of a press release or announcement on your home page. Instead just place a teaser and a link to the entire content. People would most often want just a preview of certain article titles, they wouldn't want to read the entire content of all articles found on your website.

Do not place contact information on your home page. There should be special page for contact information. most often it would have to be the contact us page. People will not right away want to contact you. Usually, they would have to browse the website then contact you if they are satisfied.

Now the Dos

Do provide an overview of your products and services and company description. This would help in informing visitors what they can do in your website. Include links such as Travel to Dubai, or Best Web Designers.

Do allocate a section of your homepage to featured products. In most cases, this would be bestsellers or items on sale.

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